Flexible Denture



Invisifex Dentures are nylon thermoplastic appliances that are thinner and more translucent than traditional partial dentures.
Clinicians certainly appreciate the minimal time spent preparing and inserting these appliance for a number of critical reasons. Invisifex dentures are an enviable medium to long term solution for a vast array of dental scenarios. Patients love the freedom and function that Invisifex can provide. Here are just a few features of note.

Features and Benefits
• Comfort: thin, lightweight and flexible
• Aesthtically pleasing and biocompatible
• No tissue or tooth prep
• More durable than traditional acrylic dentures
• Will not stain or absorb odor (non-porous)
• Any traditional partial application
• Metal sensitivity

Contrain indications
• Rigid appliance is needed
• Few remaining natural teeth

What to Send
• Full Models made from impression material
• Tooth Shade
• Bite registration

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