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The Clear Cobalt Emulator denture is designed essentially like a traditional cast metal partial denture in principal. The denture however is acrylic and is built on a clear nylon framework in place of a chrome cobalt partial.
The frame and clasps of these dentures are semi-rigid and transparent.
Rest seats provide the partial denture with the vertical stability clinicians desire without compromising the life like aesthetics that today’s patients prefer.
The Clear Cobalt Emulator is applicable for nearly all partial denture scenarios. Patients will appreciate the precision, comfort and function of this aesthetically pleasing device.

Features and Benefits
• Metal free aesthetics and heightened patient comfort
• Vertical stability with occlusal rest present
• Relinable, repairable and receptive to tooth additions,
• Ability to polish acrylic saddles chairside
• Hygienic, will not absorb stains or odors
• Lightweight, Aesthetically pleasing, Flexible
• No Metal Taste

The Clear Cobalt Emulator is fabricated from an injection-molded nylon material that is strong and non-porous. The beauty of this denture it is easy to adjust and re-polish. The clasps function in a similar manner to their metal frameworks counterparts by engaging undercuts on the buccal or labial aspects of the patient’s teeth. The Clear Cobalt Emulator partial does not contain Bisphenol A and is an exceptional choice for your clinical restoration suite of offerings.